There are 4 ‘types’ of cannabis

Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis and Rasta


Sativa Originated in the tropics. Respond slowly to 12 hour photoperiod. Generally resist fungal growth. Tall, leggy stature with spacious inter-nodal length. Large sprawling root system. Large narrow bladed leaves. Somewhat sparse flowers indoors. Sativa is also known as "connoisseur weed", brainy and uplifting high. The kind of high which helps you work and play as oppose to sleep and Veg. Pretty difficult plant to grow and not a big yielder. Preferred by medical consumers of cannabis.


Indica Originated in northern latitudes. Respond quickly to 12 hour photoperiod. Generally resist pests. Squat, bushy growth, stout stems. Condensed root system. Broad leaves, dense flowers. This is the "commercial" type of strain. The kind of high which helps you Veg. and sleep as oppose to play and think. The yield from a pure Indica is above and beyond any Sativa that is why many professional growers grow Indica only.


Ruderalis Generally speaking its a eastern European plant that considered to be Ditch-weed. The good thing about Ruderalis is that they flower automatically. The smoke is horrible. Do not grow this plant.


Rasta. New strain recently discovered, read about it here



What is a hybrid?

A hybrid is the offspring of two parents of different breeds, varieties or genetic make-ups.


What are F1 seeds?

F1 seeds are the first generation offspring resulting from a cross of two true breeding plants. They are the best seeds because they experience ‘hybrid vigor’ and will grow about 25% faster and larger than seeds resulting from two plants that do not breed true.


What are F2 seeds?

F2 seeds are offspring from F1 parents. They will not experience ‘hybrid vigor’