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Pruning the Cannabis Plant


This is a 4 week old plant (White Widow x Buddha cross). If I decided to bloom this plant as she is in the picture she would end up WAAAAYY too big for the closet. Remember that plants can double (easily) in size when switched from veg to bloom..... so this plant would be too big at this point to take into bloom. She needs to be pruned. After I make the cuts I would give her between 1 to 2 weeks before blooming.


Therefore its best to prune this plant to its bare size. Do not worry , within the next 1 or 2 weeks this plant will come back strong and healthy and she will be ready to be put into bloom. You can only subject a plant to this type of cut once or twice in its life time, then you have to bloom her. If you prune her more, she in essence will become a mother plant.... mother plants give excellent clones however they make for poor blooming plants (the bud is very small... called popcorn bud :-)........